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ZipLine – Pazi Medo

Building and engineering of zip line Beware of the bear was a great challenge.

Total length of the cable is 1700 m which makes it the longest one piece zip line in Europe. To be fair, we have to say that there is one zip line in Europe that’s about the same length, it is placed in Wales. Our cable is 15mm thick and can sustain over 30 tons of load, it’s current tension is 6,5 tons.

It’s possible to reach speeds over 120 km/h, but for that you would have to have a strong back wind (from the north). Even with a front wind (from south ) your top speed will be around 100 km/h. In case of strong winds or rain we have no choice but to stop the ride for a while. So make sure you check the weather forecast before booking your flight.

The landing platform is made of over 150 m3 of reinforced steel and 100 m3 of wood, and it is no longer just a platform but an amazing viewpoint which overseas 3 major valleys. You can have a drink and enjoy Likas beautiful landscapes.

Big part of construction and installing of the cabel was done by the various companies and members of community “Rudopolje moje“. Founding was mostly provided by the local government (county Vrhovine ) and the EU fonds.

This project is ongoing for 3 years now and it’s far from over. We have big plans for the future, one of them is going to be even bigger and crazier